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WiFi Burner - The Web interface for your Challenger

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Place the file in the same folder as this index.html in your SPIFFS folder on your Challenger.

Details can be found in the Challenger documentation.

Thank you!

a> Challenger Remote WiFi Stopped/Ready 12.4V [11.5V]
Fan 0RPM
Pump 0.0Hz
Fuel Rate 0ml/hr
Fuel Used 0ml
Body 24℃

Challenger Default Control Settings

2 kWh Fuel Min 1.2 Fuel Max 3.3 Fan Min 1450 Fan Max 4300
4 kWh Fuel Min 1.5 Fuel Max 4.4 Fan Min 1500 Fan Max 4400
6 kWh Fuel Min 1.6 Fuel Max 5.5 Fan Min 1600 Fan Max 4500

WARNING - Settings can damage heater if not set correctly

Current Set Fuel Mixture Settings

Pump Min Hz
Fan Min RPM
Pump Max Hz
Fan Max RPM

Challenger Support 01555 728515

During office hours Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm, Sat 10am - 1pm

Common user issues

E01 - Check your battery voltage and re charge as required.
If you have a split charge system, start your vehicle to
increase supply voltage.

E08 - Add more fuel to tank.

E10 / E11 - Combustion error, attempt to restart 3 or 4 times.
This can be caused by running below 1/4 tank
of fuel even though you have now refilled.

It can also be caused by a blocked exhaust or not following
low temperature running procedure.

Preventative maintenance

Please run your heater for approx 5 minutes at full
power / temperature every week / 10 days
if not being used to keep fuel supply fresh.

Low temperature running

If running at low temperature for prolonged periods
I.E overnight, please increase to full power for 5 mins
before turning off to clear chamber.