Due to the current Russian situation, we have withdrawn all Autoterm / Planar heater products from sale / installation.

Autoterm heaters as a brand are owned by a Russian company called Advers.

The company continues to manufacture / supply from there today. They are NOT European heaters as some sites are attempting to claim to avoid restrictions and deceive potential customers.

They are also now stating manufactured in Latvia, however just where are all the component parts originating from?

This is borne out by available images which show the new 'production' plant - all seem to show assembly or finished product. No sign of any PCB manufacture, casing manufacture etc etc.

Now ask yourself where is the finance paid going? Long established companies do not gift away rights to their products to newly set up entities. In the real world it is the other way around by the way of loyalties to the parent company.

The same suppliers also mask the name and use Planar instead (the old name prior to rebranding).  They are the same!


Consider how any warranty claim will be delt with if they cannot access parts in the future and ask yourself if you really want to support the Russian economy, in anyway.

Remember it only takes a few pence to manufacture a bullet from any taxes generated on Autoterm sales by the Russian regime, sadly the same bullets kill innocent civilians.