Lightweight and compact

Although the Combi D6E is able to operate as both a hot water boiler and space heater, it is relatively small and lightweight. With an inbuilt 10 litre hot water storage tank, the Truma D6E is able to provide enough hot water for everyday tasks as well as heating your living space.

Flexibility to suit your needs

The Combi D6E has 4x heated air outlets allowing for effective heating of your living space. With its digital Truma I-net control panel the Combi D6E also allows you complete control over function at any moment, giving you easily adjustable options between hot air, hot water or even having both at once.

230V mains electric heater

The Combi D6E is able to operate on 230V mains in addition to the diesel heater. This not only allows you to heat water and living space air using diesel, but alternatively you can use the electric element when hook-up is available or diesel is unavailable, and you can even use both diesel and electric together for increased performance and efficiency.